Wedding Bands in Kerry & Cork

For Wedding bands Kerry, The Simon Casey Wedding Band will pull out all the stops and provide you with entertainment that you and your guests will never forget.

Kerry is one of the most beautiful places in Ireland. Weddings in the beautiful county of Kerry are a pleasure for all the members of our band, we relish the surroundings provided by Kerry’s natural heritage and will be happy to travel to your venue of choice in this wonderful county. Our wedding bands Kerry service will enhance the look and feel of the beautiful surroundings even more by playing the most fitting entertaining music tracks possible and will set the mood accordingly just in the right manner. Both you and your guests will indulge in the charming melodious tunes played by Simon Casey Wedding Bands Kerry with the most rhythmic feel possible. We will make sure the right mood is set for the whole event and both you and your guests keep the most precious memories of the event. Communicate with us if you have any questions or priorities and we will make sure all your requests get entertained in the best way possible. Our ability to play many types of wedding music will make sure there is something for just about everyone in the crowd and that everyone is entertained to their highest level of expectation.

Wedding bands Kerry: Whether you require a soloist to perform at your ceremony or the incredible Simon Casey Wedding Bands Kerry to entertain your guests, we can provide you with a touch of something special to make your day that most memorable occasion. Simon Casey Wedding Bands Kerry realise the importance of the big day for our clients and we prepare our outstanding music accordingly. The wedding party is all about the mood setting of the whole environment and we set just the right mood with our well-suited music and make your big day memorable for all the guests that you might have. Simon Casey has the most accomplished group of performers that will entertain you and your guests in the most appropriate way and if you are looking for solo performance, you won’t be disappointed in that too, Simon Casey will perform the most entertaining songs with the elegant touch of piano live for the audience, providing the most romantic and relaxing tunes possible. Whatever music preference you might have in wedding music, Simon Casey Wedding Bands Kerry will entertain them in a way that the memory will last both with you and your guests. Our success is a testimony of our efforts and we aim to continue that success and provide the people of Kerry with the most authentic wedding music possible.

To book The Simon Casey Wedding Band for your Wedding in Kerry Ireland, please feel free to get in touch directly by calling Simon on 086 846 0564 or drop us a line using the contact form or email address provided on the contact page.


Wedding Bands Cork

Wedding Bands Cork: The Simon Casey wedding band cover all of Cork City for weddings. Simon and his band travel to Cork on many occasions for weddings. We really enjoy a good Cork wedding. Simon Casey and his band will travel to any venue across County Cork. We will set up at the time that suits you on the big day. We will make sure that we play the music that will suit you and the guests at the wedding. For wedding bands Cork, Simon Casey and his band will have you and the guests on their feet all night. We will make sure that you and the guests have a night to remember.

For for Wedding bands Cork, get in touch with us or have a quick look at our Facebook page or YouTube channel and you will be very impressed with what you see.