Simon Casey Wedding Bands

Wedding Bands Ireland: Available for Your Ireland Event

Wedding bands Ireland: Whether you're tasked with planning the annual corporate dinner, or organising your wedding in Ireland, making sure that the more informal part of the proceedings goes smoothly can be a real challenge. One of the easiest ways to get your guests up on the dance floor or simply relaxed and happy is to engage a live band to provide some customised corporate entertainment. Not only can you brief the act on the type of music that's likely to go down well, there's also an opportunity to make special requests and tailor the act to meet your audience's needs. Wedding bands Ireland with Simon Casey, will keep you and your guests on their feet for the night.


Skilled Musicians for Wedding Entertainment

Our highly experienced ensemble is one of the leading wedding bands Ireland, performing regularly at receptions and evening celebrations in Sligo, Killarney, Kerry, Cork, Galway, Dublin and nationwide. We provide a polished, professional performance, offering a mix of contemporary and traditional music that is suitable for people of all ages. If you're struggling to find an appropriate choice for that all-important first dance, we can recommend a number of suitable pieces.


Corporate Bands Give a Fantastic Ambience to Your Event

It's frequently difficult to find appropriate entertainment for a corporate Christmas celebration or other event, simply because whatever you choose needs to be tasteful and universally appealing at the same time as entertaining and engaging. Our band has enjoyed considerable success in the Irish charts as well as performed on TV and in the Eurovision Song contest.


It's All About You

Wedding bands Ireland - Although we are a highly respected and nationally acclaimed band, at weddings or other events we make sure that the focus of the occasion remains firmly on the happy couple or other important theme. We have an extensive repertoire of music available and are always happy to tailor what we do to meet your particular needs. If you're looking for wedding bands Ireland, including Killarney, Kerry, Cork, Galway, Sligo Dublin or anywhere in Ireland, call us now at *+358 86 846 0564* to book us for your special event or for further information.