Wedding Bands Galway

Looking for Wedding Bands Galway? The Simon Casey Wedding Band would absolutely love to be a part of it! Simon’s love affair with Galway means that we are always very happy to travel to a venue of your choice in the city or county and will be delighted to provide you with an experience that is unequalled elsewhere. Our superior and classy solo vocal with piano service and the fully entertaining wedding band with outstanding selection of wedding music tracks are here to make Galway weddings a much more enjoyable experience.

Wedding bands Galway: Whether you are looking for entertainment for the reception or for a soloist to perform at your wedding ceremony, we can provide you with a performance that will leave you feeling overwhelmingly happy with the choice you made. The superior music Simon Casey provides is specially designed to enhance the look and feel of the occasion. Simon Casey has the personality to match and enhances the elegant look of the whole layout. Our mesmerizing performances will leave a mark in your memory in the happiest way possible. Your guests will have a lot to talk about during and after our astonishing performances in the Galway region.

The band is familiar with Galway city and Galway County and we are happy to accommodate you in any way we can to ensure your big day goes as smoothly as you envision it. We even aim to make it better than you imagined it. In case your wedding arrangement is in a spot Simon Casey has not performed before, communicate to us and we will be willing to take a look at the setting a day before the actual event in order to make sure there are no stones unturned and we are equipped with adequate knowledge and experience of the whole setting layout beforehand to eliminate any unforeseen problems.

For our wedding bands Galway, it goes without saying that we will of course sing the obligatory ‘Galway Girl’ for any of our beautiful Galway brides who would like to take to the dance floor!! Our superior vocal and tune will make the beautiful bride want to dance with the music and the whole crowd will be energized along with her. We have countless other happy and mood enhancing tunes in order to set just the right tempo of the whole occasion. Wedding occasions are all about the right mood setting, Simon Casey acknowledges that and design their music just in the right way to enhance to mood setting of the whole environment in the best possible way.

So if you are looking for wedding bands Galway, we look forward to speaking with you about your wedding in Galway and will happily assist you with any queries you may have. Also let us know if you have any priorities in the selection of the wedding music that we provide, we are always happy to oblige and tailor our performance according to the needs of our clients.